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S104 specification

An Open Source specification when using the S100_draft adapter

Row 1 of the S104 connector, the lower one, is placed at the same Y coordinate that lower mounting holes.

The height of the plate can be modified according to the needs. We propose two possibilities:

Eurorack 3U compatible: For a Eurorack frontal development, in an stack mounting composition, where an aluminium frontal will be associate to the first board of the system, the total high of the board must be 110mm (4,33in) This means the height pitch between holes is 97,3mm (This will be label as S104-3U)

Eurocard compatible: For a Eurocard board, Always using the right side of the plate for a backplane DIN bus connector, right mounting holes must be modified to the connector. The total high of the board must be 100mm (3,94in) This means the height pitch between holes is 87,3mm (This will be label as S104-E)

A S104 connector can be incorporated in a Standard IEEE696-83 board whit the couple of mounting holes in lower corners, with o without chamfers. The total height of the board is the standard 5 inches. The vertical pitch location of the couple holes and the S104 connector will be depend the compatibility intention to be associated to an other kine of S104 type. (This will be label as S100) It may be appropriate to mention which format is supported. For example: (S100-3U or S100-E).

Care must be taken when using S100_Draft. There are two types of adapters, from row 1 to row 1 and from row 1 to row 50. When switching from an IEEE696-83 format to Stack the rows must change. In contrast, an S104 connector does not change rows. The 1 is below and the 50 is above. Be careful with this.

Example: This is a backplane S100 board in a S104-3U for a Eurorack Music Synthesizer

This is a run to try.